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Jan. 24th, 2016

The Tolbert Legacy 2.3

What is this?Collapse )

Apr. 10th, 2015

The Tolbert Legacy 2.2

In Which We Discuss the Need for Boundaries.Collapse )

Apr. 3rd, 2015

The Tolbert Legacy 2.1

Babies on babies on babies.Collapse )

Apr. 1st, 2015

The Tolbert Legacy 2.0

Still going strong.Collapse )

Mar. 31st, 2015

The Tolbert Legacy 1.0

This time in the Sims 4!Collapse )

Jan. 27th, 2015


Here's a few more pictures I've worked on for my story project.

Look.Collapse )

Jan. 23rd, 2015

A little project.

I have been working on a story and taking pictures to go with it.

Here's a peek at some of the characters.

Peek.Collapse )

Dec. 31st, 2014

The Tolbert Legacy 1.2

cut 1.2

Read more...Collapse )

Dec. 28th, 2014

Well this is embarrassing...

So I open up my game to play the Tolberts and they're already being all glitchy! D: I'm going to do my best to fix them. I know this is so lame as I just started their legacy the other day. If I can't save them, I have plenty of other great ideas and I plan on staying active within the Sim Legacy community. :D

The Tolbert Legacy 1.1

cut 1.1

1.1Collapse )