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The Tolbert Legacy 2.1

Welcome back to the next installment of the Tolbert Legacy. We are officially doing better than the Sims 3 attempt! Yay~ -confetti and rubber ducks- So last time... somethings happened... Oh! Yeah, Nellie gave birth to a baby boy named Caleb. She invented some cool things at work, and Summer and her are both expecting. :D Now, onto the show!

Let's start with a very pregnant Nellie raiding the vending machine at work.

Then one of her co-workers that she has never even met before comes up to her and starts calling her names. D<

Nellie: Bitch I am so full of hormones right now I can't be held responsible for what I might do.

Nellie: Hey, i'm sorry about earlier. Here try this perfectly harmless concoction I made.

Rude Chick: -passes out-

Nellie: Uh huh! This is where I had put that pastry.

Nellie, you can't drug your co-workers!

-sigh- She's still all hormonal and bitter about earlier so she takes it out on this poor dude as well.

I am too obsessed with this trashcan. I will cancel out any actions to wash dishes just so I can drag them into this thing!

So I guess you guys have been nice a patient. You deserve this. Here is what Caleb looks like. He looks so much like Nellie! That makes me happy. :3

I know that face! That's baby dropping face!

Summer isn't handling it too well.

So with the new expansion you can actually go have your baby at the hospital. Let's see what that's like.

I hope this ghost doctor isn't going to be the one to deliver Nellie's kid. I hear ectoplasm is really hard to get out of newborns.

Nellie gets herself all check in as Summer has disappeared.

And this heart thing pops up above her head.

Found Summer! She's off getting some sort of sugar high or what have you.

She does manage to wander into the delivery room right when shit is gettin' real. So this is how babies are born. Never knew.

Aw man. I was kinda hoping for something with two heads or a tail or something this time.

It's a girl! A happy little girl named Rosemary.

Caleb is not impressed with his new siblings looks.

Summer's turn!

Is this glue?!

I took the time to really watch how the babies get pulled out. It's some serious stuff. Anyway, it's a boy! His name is Sebastian.

I think 3 children is plenty. So our little family is complete! For now...

I gave Nellie a makeover because why not?! :D

I know I gave Nellie all sorts of hips, curves, and swerves but I think she has a little bit of baby weight on her.

Even with 3 kids, these two always find time for each other.

So the babies grew up! Sebastian looks -a lot- like Caleb.

And Rosemary is pretty adorable. Honestly, kids look very generic to me in this game. :/

Sebastian and Caleb do not get along. Their very first interaction was Bash calling Caleb names.

Look at poor Calebs face! He is clearly scarred.

Rosemary is more of a loner. She takes after both of her moms. She likes computer and video games, like Nellie.

She's also likes to be creative like Summer.

So Nellie might not be completely over this bitch calling her names.

Nellie: That's right. Do all of my bidding.

Yeah, Nellie upgraded Blasty to mind control.

Nellie's newest invention! It can clone things, I think.

Rosemary is already working hard for that heirship.

And these two can now safely sit in the same room.

Nellie actually spends a lot of time with her children.

Uh...what the actual fuck Nellie?! You look infectious as hell! Step away from the child!

I sent everyone to the park and quarantined Nellie alone in the house.

Here are all three of the children joining together to defeat the most vicious sea monster of them all...

... yeah, Summer is extremely vicious.

I think Rosemary is my favorite. Mostly because Bash and Caleb look so darn a like. I need variety in my life!

Glad to see you're done being infectious and gross, Nellie. :D

I did send her to the gym to see if we could get some of that baby weight off.

Sebastian is a suck-up. Just sayin'.

My collection is complete!

And that means we get this adorable huge ass plush bunny! <3

Uh, Nellie? What are you doing standing out side staring at the wall in the middle of the night?



Well isn't this just the cutest little UFO ship you ever did see?

Nellie! ;-; Noooo!

RIP. ;-;

JK. She was returned a few hours later.

This is how the cloning thingy works. I can see how it could be useful.

I feel like I don't give enough attention to Summer. I really am happy to have her as my founders spouse. <3

Sometimes Rosemary and Sebastian just smile and stare at each other. For -hours-.

:3 Precious.

Rosemary's first drawing. I hung it up but it's not that great so I kinda hid it off in a dark corner. xD

All of the kids love the Bun Bun plush. <3

How amazing are the dollhouses in this game?! So much better than the puny ones in the Sims 3.

All the GLITTER!

Found this doodly dip thing in a store I downloaded from the gallery. It's some sort of UFO plant thing.

Summer made her self a very questionable looking cake because... It's her birthday!

Make a wish bby. <3

She looks more or less the same?

But I gave her a pretty hot makeover. :D

Let's end this update with some Birthday sexy times. <3

This update is a bit longer than the previous ones but I hope everyone likes it.


Rosemary is so cute! Aww, she's a little sweetheart <3
That is some amazing cake. I want that cake.
Also, Bun Bun plush, so freaking cute!
UFOOOOOOOO!!!! Haha, get ready for some probing...
Loved it :D

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