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The Tolbert Legacy 2.2

Welcome back! I know it's been a little while and this update isn't the longest, but at least it's here! I don't remember exactly what happened last time so let's just get right into it. :D

Nellie continues to torment her coworkers in several different ways. Her new favorite way is to mind control them to do weird things like change into their swimsuits.

It's becoming clear to me that I'm going to have to talk to these two about sibling boundaries very soon.

.... Nellie set the fridge on fire. THE FRIDGE! How does that even happen?!

Nellie: I don't think anyone saw me. I'll just back away slowly and maintain my innocence.

Nellie, Summer, please! Wash your children!

Caleb's adorable friend with the weird name came over. :D

And was pretty much immediately stolen away by Rosemary.

Rosemary: He's my servant now. :D

She's gone mad with power!

Look! It's a Goth! Cassandra doesn't look half bad in this game.

So I sent the whole family out together to a store. Rosemary picked out this robot light.

Caleb picked out a gnome.

And Bash picked out this cute little boat.

He was immediately cornered by this pirate wannabe and talked to death.

Summer cleavage. :D

:O A cake! With candles! I wonder who could be getting older~

It's the mysterious masked boy, Caleb!

I wonder what he's wishing for...

Caleb: I wish to be the fairest in all the lands!

... Welp. He looks like a lesbian. So I guess he got his wish?

The alien plant just looks like some sort of tentacle.

Nellie has such a good wife that she can just express all of her problems to.

Nellie: And then that bitch had the nerve to call The Real Housewives a trashy show.

Summer: Oh no! The tragedy of it all!

Everyone at Nellie's work is getting old. D: It scares me because it's just a matter of time for Nellie too and I'm no where near ready.

Please! You guys! Boundaries!

He's so fabulous~ -hairflip-

Caleb: Hey Sebastian. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're adopted.

Sebastian: What?! I am so conflicted inside now! On one hand, I'm sad I've been lied to about this. On the other hand, I have a real chance with Rosemary now and our love doesn't have to be forbidden!

Sebastian: -sob- -sob-

Caleb: Whoops. Did I do that?

Yes you did, you ass!

Caleb: There, there little buddy. I wasn't serious. You're not adopted.

Sebastian: Oh boy! I love having a brother that is a complete asshole to me. :D

Caleb: Next target acquired.

Caleb: Oh, hey mom.

Nellie: Hello my perfectly behaved offspri-

Lovely face, Nellie.

Nellie: The betrayal is what hurts the most.

I sent Caleb to the park for 2 reasons. The first being he's sick and gross. The second is to give his family a break from him.

He tries chatting up this older woman, but she is less than impressed.

Random Woman: Is he a leper?

Back at home Rosemary's expression all is growing.

Oh look who it is! The chick that was almost with Nellie. She's old now too. D:

Nellie: Son, I love you but if you don't move from in front of the TV, I will be short one child.

This is adorable and completely innocent. :D

... Caleb has a shrine to his mother above his bed apparently. I... I don't even know what to say.

Anyway! Let's wrap this update here. Thanks for reading. :D


I fully expect a nip slip every time Nellie is in her lingerie, js lol.
Rosemary is so pretty! I didn't realise before because I read updates on my phone app most of the time. For the same reasons, I've only just seen how adorable Nellie's nose is. dem genez!
Also I cannot decide if Caleb is creepy or an alternative kind of dreamy..?
Oh jeez, Caleb is a little bit mean, isn't he? :P But having a shrine to your mother over your bed is perfectly normal thing, right...? ....Right?
"The alien plant just looks like some sort of tentacle." I mean, there's a joke in there that I'm going to have the decency not to say, but it involves hentai. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks :P
Okay but when sims are sick in this they look horrifying. I think Caleb is lucky to be alive, because he looked like he was dying... ew :P
Haha Caleb is so mean to Sebastian!! And Sebastian and Rosemary are adorable together 😁 She's so beautiful and also has a original personality 😅 Nellie is simply the best, I don't wanna she becoming older 😭 Can't wait to see Rosemary and Sebastian teen, see you next update!!

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