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The Tolbert Legacy 2.0

Welcome back ladies and gents! I'm glad you could all join me today for the second Tolbert update. The last update was full of ups and downs. It had us laughing, crying, and even at times asking ourselves why we're wasting our time reading this thing. Nellie, our founder, joined the new Science career. She broke up with her first girlfriend after getting knocked up. Then, she met Summer, who is a ray of sunshine and unicorns and everything good with the world. Now onto the update!

I'm pretty in love with the new selfie feature and all it's delicious filtery goodness!

Her baby belly is too cute!

I still like Summer way more than whats-her-face Ashlyn or whatever.

Who else is happy that sims in the Sims 4 can go to work while heavily pregnant?! We can now safely have 10 kids -and- progress in our professions.

Look at this shiny new thing! It's a satellite that can call aliens and all that. It's spiffy. :3 P.S. I'm bringing the word spiffy back! (If it was ever gone~)

;-; Oh noooo. Dying of old age is sooo sad looking in this game. Where's the alcohol?! Where's the hula dancing hotties?!

The Grim Reaper is a lot more terrifying in this game than any other game. He slices you down and then man handles your soul right out of your body!

So what does Nellie decide to do? Oh, you know, what anyone else would. She has a nice little chat with Grim.

Nellie: Won't you touch my stomach and maybe cause some other worldly harm to my unborn child? :D

Grim: Oh, this one has a nice, fat and juicy soul.
Nellie: Gosh, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my baby bump! :D

She's so swagilicious. Even while heavily pregnant.

It was time for a bit more commitment between these two. Summer happily accepted Nellie's proposal.

Nellie: Hey babe. Check out my sexy raygun.

D< Good job Nellie! You down graded the darn TV!

Oh look. Nellie is playing video games!

...while in labor. Because that's what I would if I was about to pop something out.

Nellie: Don't mind me. I'm just off to drop a baby.

Nellie: ;-; I'm never having another one of these things again!
Sure, sure. Keep telling yourself that, love.

It's a boy! His name is Caleb. <3

Yep. That's a baby.

It's about time someone made an honest woman out of Nellie! :D

She bakes!

And she's a good parent!

Summer takes care of the baby while Nellie tries to hack into some funds.

Yep. That's a low-res larva like creature baby.

I'm over this baby thing. Time to age the sprogling up!

It's a child! Yay~ -confetti-

Caleb has decided he's been cursed with amazingly good looks. To make everyone else feel better he wears this yoda mask. He is a... special sort of sim.

Found this cute thing while poking around the science facility.

Nellie subjects her co-workers to experiments.

D'aw, Caleb takes after his mother. :D I'm sure that's a good thing...

What's this?!

Ooooh~ A delicious baby bump! (And a cute chef uniform! <3 )

Tell me why a kid needs a phone that is as big as his own arm!

Caleb went to the park to play some chess. He's a bold kid as he challenges this grown person.

Everyone is so obsessed with this mysterious yoda masked being!

Caleb knows he's destined for greater things. So he leaves the chess shenanigans behind and decides to captain his own pirate ship!

He did actually manage to make one friend his age named Rhys. What the hell kind of name is that?!

Nellie is pregnant too, don't worry. :3 (But I swear I will rage quit so hard if either of them has more than one baby. D< Don't play with me game! )

They're so in ~love~ <3

I'm loving the cute decorative eggs. Two more to go!

Let's end with a tender moment between mother and son.

Thank you for reading. Until next time~ (I'm still awkward at ending these things~)


"Nellie: Won't you touch my stomach and maybe cause some other worldly harm to my unborn child? :D" Nellie, no. NO NELLIE.
I love the name Caleb! The yoda mask is a bit creepy, though. Maybe that's just me.
Sims in ts4 seriously have such huge baby bumps, christ. It looks terrifying haha.
I still hate the whole baby to child thing, ugh. So weird!
Ugh, i dislike the baby to child thing too! That's some straight up Sims 1 BS.
And they stay children -forever-. Like 14 days I think. Something like that.
It is pretty terrifying how big their baby bumps get. D: I'm always scared about multiples because it always gets so big!
Thank you so much for the comment. :3

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